Thursday, September 21, 2017

Doctor Who scarf.

This is my latest large project: a season 18 Doctor Who scarf! To my surprise, I quite like the colors (although the whole time I was knitting them, I thought they didn't really work so well together) and the yarn is softer, after a wash, than I thought it would be.

It's almost 800g, and, as per instructions, touches the ground both ends with a loop that also reaches the ground. Of course, it's not practical to wear it like that.

This is how I'm mostly wearing it (and I've worn it a lot since finishing it). Basically, it just wraps around lots, so I can walk. I normally fold it in half (so the right sides are out) and wrap it around my neck twice and tuck the ends through the fold (a la Sherlock). It still hangs down to my knees :) and feels like I've got a blanket wrapped around my shoulders.

Kept track of all those stripes (over 1200 rows) in my bullet journal. Very helpful!

Blocked it by soaking it, and hanging it over the garden shed. It went from about 4.5m to about 6m :)

Love it. It's so long!

Current NEWT is going along very slowly. I decided to choose a subject I'd avoided in all my 8 OWLs and 11 NEWTs so far: Herbology. This one involves cables, and I know that, although I can do them, they're very slow and tedious for me. So I set myself a jumper with lots of cables :) just to prove to myself that I can.

The NEWT committee volunteers didn't think one cabled jumper was big enough for a NEWT (although I did) and requested just a little more... so I first made a cowl for Nathan and spun up about 650y of merino/rose 3ply. As for the top, I have the sleeves done and about 80 rows of the back.

I'm only just keeping up! Cables! 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


 July was for spinning, and I ended up spinning over 5.5km of singles, which is my PB, I think :)

The one on the left is "Wonder Woman" yarn that David from SCF dyed up, just to show us how he used pictures as inspiration. It matched my Ravatar at the time (which someone made me) and was also a prize :)

Hehe. Of course, right in the middle of the TdF was the Bendigo Wool Festival. After last year, I decided I wasn't going back. There were too many non-yarn stalls and already-knitted things, and not enough different fibres (ie all merino and alpaca), hardly any interesting fibres, and frankly, things were cheaper on the internet. Also, I felt a bit sick, and that my stash was out of control.

This year, though, Jacki (another knitter from work) persuaded me to give it another go. I went, on a sunny Saturday, just after doing the tax return (ie with money in my pocket) and a determination to buy just whatever I felt like.

Had a great day!  Ended up coming home by about 5; took this picture in Creswick on the way past. I got lots of sock yarn, some Soak, some needles, a bit of fibre, and some DK and chunky yarn. :)

(More pictures on Instagram; I'm alr1scha on there)

I've already spun up one of the fibres (the one on the right, above) and knit up the green speckley DK yarn. It turned out to be perfect for the project Jasmine asked for for her 9th birthday. Very scaley. :)

Hehe. It's called "Dugite" or something. Only the head is stuffed; the rest is stockinette stitch that just rolls in on itself sideways (which makes it very floppy and bendy, more snakelike than a stuffed one) and she's surprisingly proud of me for making it. LOL.

And now I'll sign off (because Blogger is being annoyingly iPad-incompatible and jumping to the top of the screen every second letter I type (very flashy and irritating), and my computer is being too slow). I've been slack with my blog because, frankly, everything's on Ravelry :) but I'm on holidays from work, and so I'll add a smaller post more often :)

Next time: my latest OWL and my current NEWT...

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


More spinning accidentally happened this month. Hehe.

This one was for Quidditch: a colorway I thought was very Gryffindor. It's actually Finn/Rose by Kathy's Fibres, and the colorway is called Nomad. Loved it.

And then a bit of plain grey (SCF "Cast Iron"), which was surprisingly enjoyable to spin

Just as well, because I may have bought a kilo of grey fibre from SCF on sale ;)

Whipped up a cowl and some hats on my Addi King Express (a little finishing required)

Then I used my sock machine to crank up some socks for the Box O Sox. Looking forward to this Christmas present :)


Matchy opposite socks

Then I thought I'd try some Felici Worsted sock yarn (which is fairly new) and made some fat Jaywalker socks with it.

My Mission took lots of my hours this month, but I'm not getting any closer to the end. It's a laceweight garter stitch black hole! I think I'll finish it one day... but probably not in July.

July is for Spinning!

Saturday, July 1, 2017


May (which was a little while ago, now) was all about handspun. As planned, I did make a dent in my handspun stash. As well as destashing a bit :) I used handspun for 3 classes, Quidditch, and the Headmistress Challenge.

Two other classes were for family birthday presents, and not handspun.Socks for Kelly and earflap hats for Byron (that's what he wanted!)

Then there was a bit of detention, a bit of dyeing for Q, and about 2m/400g of this Doctor Who scarf for my OWL

Surprisingly fun, just going backwards and forwards. I'm not looking forward to weaving in Ends, but I'm looking forward to wet-blocking it nice and long!

And then, well, I may have spun a little... It's hard to resist :)

Thursday, April 27, 2017


This month I'm having a rest from deadlines. The HPKCHC game gets a bit competitive towards the end, especially, and you begin to feel that you have to knit every spare minute, which does take a bit of the fun out. (We Slytherins came second in the House Cup, by the way, and won the Quidditch Cup!)

My goals this month, therefore, were to get three cranked sock tubes up to "almost finished" (so that I can finish them for "Detention" for 10 points).

 I have these ones, which need the heels kitchener-stitched closed

And these ones, which have a few ends to sew in

 And these ones, which need the hemmed picot cuff stitched down (and then I'll re-dye them! The yarn looked pretty in the skein and horrible knit up!)

 By the end of July I should have 4 pairs of socks in my Box 'o Sox, at least.

My other goal was to knit a chunk of my Gala top from 2012. I'm up to about 200g/35cm here, and should be up to 40cm by the end of the month. (Nothing else to knit!)


I love spinning; it's easy, relaxing and gets lots of points. But my box of handspun is overflowing, so I'm determined to knit up a lot of it. Two of my Ravelry friends and I have started a thread to encourage others to knit their handspun, too. I'm not sure I'll get through all this in 2 months, but I'm going to get through some of it, at least. I'm even planning a laceweight shawl that finally uses my Nobby laceweight (on the right, there).

As for July, well that's Tour de Fleece, so I'm going to undo my hard work, basically, and refill my handspun box! :)

Another Rav friend made me this. LOL. I think I'll change my Ravatar...

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


April is a month off, in the HPKCHC, unless you're doing a NEWT. But this month, I'm having a break. Decided it was time to pull out a WIP from 2012 and do a bit of work on it :)

This was supposed to be a quick knit, but of course, things went a bit sideways. I've finished one side, and just this month started side 2. Sad, eh? :)

Of course, I immediately got distracted. I spent an afternoon fighting with my CSM, and changed it back to fingering weight settings and 72 stitches. I cranked these sparkley tubes out!

Plan to almost-finish all of them, and use them for 10-point detention projects in May, June and July. I can't wear them yet, anyway; they're for my Box-o-Sox project. There are a bunch of people doing the same as a big Knit-along, and the idea is to make 12 pairs of socks and then give yourself a box full of new socks all at once. Christmas present :) I only have one pair in there so far, but it's this NEWT pair:

which worked very well, and fit well! There were so many ends to sew in, but I like them lots.

There wasn't much of March left by the time those devils were finished, but I did finish off this Pashmina hat (which was basically a travel-hat for when I needed simple knitting)

and a bit of spinning, which is still the quickest way to get Yards (and therefore points) in the game.

I used two matching singles (of SCF merino/cashmere/silk in "Big Sky" and "Dark Sapphire") and made as much 6ply as I could fit on my espinner bobbin. Then I n-plied the rest. Next term I'm helping run a thread about *using* handspun up! I have an overflowing box (or two) of handspun, and I don't actually knit with it much. I'm planning to use handspun for lots of classes next term.

As for my OWL, I'm doing Defense against the Dark Arts. One of the options is to study the cruciatus curse by doing something painful, and this is what I picked.

Well, this is my bullet journal, but the project is the season 18 Doctor Who scarf. I never watched the old seasons, and don't think I even knew about the famous multicolored one that Doctor #4 wore, but this version, the purple/red/orange one, got my attention in the first Christmas episode of the new Doctor Who. It was David Tennant's first whole episode, and he spent most of it in someone else's pajamas :) but at the end, when he was choosing his outfit, he threw on this scarf as a test, and I immediately thought, "Oo, I like that scarf!"

Didn't realize it was about 20 feet long! Anyway, it's 1272 rows, and each row is going to be 50 stitches (as I'm using thinner yarn that the pattern). I'll knit the whole pattern, regardless of how long it is (mine will probably end up a little shorter... thinner yarn) but it's still pretty OWL-worthy, at 60,000-odd stitches of endless garter stitch in a non-repeating color pattern.

Can't wait to start! Hehe.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Warm stuff

So far this year

I've made a couple of sets from the FlyBuys Madelinetosh, and some random bits in a blue/teal that's not finished quite yet.

I like this twisty pattern, which is basically 4x4 rib on 71 stitches, so that the rib shifts over one stitch every round.

I spent a bit of February sanding and painting a new little cubby for the kids, and made it some little woven curtains.

All I've done so far this month is finish these bright socks,

spin this greenish rambouillet/silk, called Allium

and work on my last NEWT project, which is a pair of colorwork socks called "Irish Dream". I've finished one sock (although sewing in the ends will probably take an hour) and I'm hoping I have time to finish this second sock in the next week.

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